Monday, September 15, 2008


So we were all in the car the other day coming back from church, for some reason we were talking about being Ukrainian, - now lets be clear, I am 1/2 Ukrainian but it is the piece of my family heritage that I identify with most strongly and I am Ukrainian catholic. P is also Ukrainian catholic and so by because we are a family we keep telling the boys that they are Ukrainian to! - okay so back to the story - the youngest, who will now be referred to as Fudge ( from Judy Blumes amazing Fudge books because he is a little bit to much like that curious young lad) pipes into the conversation "well I am not newkrainian!" and we start to tease him a bit, "yes you are, your stuck with it" and he is adamant that he is not, so fine we drop it with him but still continue the conversation, after a little while he come up with "okay I guess that I could be newkrainian" to which P responds" yep just for the first year and then after that you get to Ukrainian like the rest of us. Fudge was a bit lost but we thought it was pretty funny

Smiling boys, now the other boys, who we are going to refer to here as Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes because boy oh boy is he rather Calvin like) decided that it would be appropriate to give himself a hair cut at school on Friday - after I got over the - you did what moment! - I calmly responded with, "I 'll have to take a picture of that for my blog!" I wonder how obvious it will be by picture day in 2 weeks.

The lost wallet has appeared, given the shape that it is in I imagine that it ended up in a dumpster some where and then was found and dropped in a mail box. All of the cards that are easy to steal were gone but the thief wasn't to smart - they left my birth cert. and SIN card in the wallet along with the movie tickets certificate and all my teaching cards. So although it has been a tad inconvenient I do have my wallet back, although it is rather bruised but I will happily use it again until it actually falls apart and now I have less things to replace, I am left wondering why they left the cards that they did and not my aeroplan card or the boys health cards... I think it was just a lack of higher brain capacity, a smart thief would of stolen the things they could steal my idenity with.

And finally I got a great new toy this week, I was recently genrously rewarded for some volunteer time that I spent working a camp earlier this summer and so with the gift card and some of our hard earned pennies I bought this, and it took the pictures in this post, I am loving it!

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