Tuesday, June 29, 2004

lions and tiger and TYPHOONS

There is a typhoon on it's way. Is it wrong to pray that it hits so I get Friday off? You can see it's progress at http://www.cwb.gov.tw/V4e/weather/satellite/index_e.htm click on the taiwan option and the loop 12 hours too and you can see it moving, Taipei is at the north end of the island and at the moment it looks as though it will only hit the south.... I'll keep my fingers crossed that it blows north.

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Anonymous said...

Your email is bouncing ;( But the package came ;) !!!! Thanks for the treats, Riley & Dale like the splat mat, Dad likes his hat, Riley really likes throwing the ice tea packets. And of course, I liked the book & sox & such... although the unwrapping of "the book" with mom there was entertaining. In not so entertaining news, I broke my foot. Fell down the stairs on Tuesday, spent the last 3 days saying "ITS FINE LEAVE ME ALONE I LIKE LIMPING" Finally went to the hospital today, spectacular spiral fracture of the outside bone from the baby toe ;( Very annoying. Crutches, cast, the whole mess. Come look after the squeakums? Miss you. celeste